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Our Key Ingredients
with whole lot of goodness!

This chewy gelatinous food comes from the root of the Konjac plant.


Fun Fact:
It was introduced to Japan as a medicine in the sixth century, and is often referred to euphemistically as a broom for the intestines.


Good for:
Weight Loss
Fills you up with almost no calories as Konnyaku is 97% water and 3% Glucomannan, a form of soluble fiber.


Found in:
Herbal Noodles, Tom Yum, Laksa


Soya beans are a species of legume native to East Asia and have a mild nutty flavor.


Fun Fact:

Edamame are immature soybeans in the pod.


Good For:

Growth and repair of the body tissues

Provides all the essential amino acids that the body is unable to synthesize on its own, making it a great substitute for animal products which contain more saturated fat.


Found in:

Performance Signature Bento, Soya Burger

Lion’s Mane Mushroom

Lion’s Mane is a medicinal mushroom, dating back several hundreds of years in China, Japan and Korea.

Fun Fact
When cooked, its texture is often compared to shrimp or lobster.

Good For:
Boosting Immunity, Memory and Mood
Stimulates immune system and boosts white blood cell count to help healing process. This nerve regenerating mushroom also helps to fight dementia and Alzheimer’s.

Found in:
Immunity Booster Signature Bento, Lion’s Mane Mushroom Burger

What people are saying?
 Happiness is meant to be shared! In light of our recent recognition at the 2016 Singapore Prestige Brand Awards, we want to say a big thank you to everyone for your support  Come warm your heart with our celebratory meal - Angelica Herbal Noodles  with a choice of Iced Winter Melon tea or Hot Oolong Tea (cup) for only $6.90 at our outlets! ❤️ #greendotsg #eatgreenfeelgood #flexitarian #thankyou #sgfoodie #sgeats #sgfood #eatoutsg #sgvegetarian #vegetarian  We are humbled to announce that we have been award the overall winner for the Most Promising Brand Category during the Singapore Prestige Brand Awards 2016! :) Along with other established brands, the results were decided by a panel of esteemed and experienced industry leaders. We are heartened by the recognition, and more importantly, by the fact that our flexitarian concept is starting to be more widely accepted by others.  One of Greendot's founding mission is to encourage people to go meat-free at least once or twice a week to create a sustainable lifestyle, and we are glad that our efforts are taking shape.  This achievement is not only for us. It is for all of us out there who believe in eating right, eating well and taking care of ourselves. Thank you! ❤ P.S Good things are meant to be shared, and we have a little surprise for all of you. Stay tuned! #greendotsg #careloveANDhope #eatgreenfeelgood #flexitarian #spba2016 #thankyou
 Spread love everywhere you go. Let no one ever come to you without feeling happier . We pass on our love through our food. What about you? ☺️ #greendotsg #careloveANDhope #eatgreenfeelgood #sgeats #eatoutsg #flexitarian #sgfoodie #sgfood #sgvegetarian  Wishing everyone a Happy Deepavali and a restful weekend  A weekend well-spent brings a week of content! #greendotsg #deepavali #happydeepavali #happyweekend
 WARNING: Exercising and eating green has been known to cause healthy and happiness. We are encouraged to see our customers join us for our morning exercises and taking care of themselves!  #greendotsg #stayfit #exercise #eatgreenfeelgood  We have to make choices everyday ☀. Choose to see the good in life and love yourself ❤. Here are some simple yet powerful steps to get started . Remember that being kind to ourselves is the best gift we can ever give to ourselves! #greendotsg #positivity #careloveANDhope #foodforthought #selflove #bekindtoyourself #youareworthit #positivethoughts
 What makes a good leader? They need not be the most capable person in the team. Instead, we believe that leadership is the ability to lead oneself first – such as developing self-awareness, before moving on to nurturing a team. At Greendot, we groom our leaders to be able to cope with the challenges faced in the outlet, and learn how to react swiftly yet calmly during critical situations. At the same time, they help every member find meaning in their positions, ensuring that everyone embodies our core values- care, love and hope We don’t grow under comfort; we grow when we face hardship. #greendotsg #careloveANDhope #leadership #rolemodel #adversity #motivation #mondaymotivation  Konnyaku is a highly appreciated medicinal food in Japan since the 6th century. Despite being named as "Devil's Tongue", konnyaku contains a high amount of dietary fibre which relieves constipation and helps to prevent high blood pressure and diabetes.  Say Hello  to our konnyaku dishes during your next Greendot meal!☺ #greendotsg #eatgreenfeelgood #foodfacts #learnsomethingnew #flexitarian
 On 5th Nov, we hosted a group of youths from My First Break (MFB), an entrepreneurship programme launched by South East CDC. MFB equips students from lower-income families with basic business skills and provides them opportunities to conduct their own micro business. The programme also helps youths build up their confidence and cultivate a spirit of care for the community as they start to understand the impact of entrepreneurship in the business world. The afternoon started with a behind-the-scenes tour to give participants an insight of Greendot's operations. Our founder then shared his sentiments on the birth of Greendot and our journey thus far, and the session ended off with a #eatgreenfeelgood food-tasting segment. We are encouraged to know that there are more young people stepping out of their comfort zone and embarking on a road less traveled. We wish these youths all the best with their aspirations and go confidently in the direction of their dreams!  We are now delivering care, love and hope with foodpanda!  Enjoy our heartwarming, meat-free meals in the comfort of your homes or offices from our 3 outlets: Greendot One Raffles Place - https://goo.gl/ehH767 Greendot Paya Lebar - https://goo.gl/vsJI0F Greendot Star Vista - https://goo.gl/kLGCPk #greendotsg #foodpandasg #foodpanda #whatsforlunch #eatgreenfeelgood #meatfree #flexitarian #sgeats #sgfood #sgfoodie