Hey there, congrats on making it here! I’m guessing that the fact you click on our recruitment button means that you are interested to find out about what is Greendot like as a company?

Greendot’s mission is to help people eat well and take care of themselves through the food and services we provide. If that sounds like a reason that will get you out of your bed every morning and makes you tap dance to work, then this is the place for you.

But, wait a minute, before you decide to contact us, you might want to think about whether you fit into our culture. We are a People(HR)-Driven Organization which firmly believes in a closely knitted family-like team and culture which is guided by 3 important values:

  1. Care: Care about having a meaningful work and how your work can bring value to people
  2. Love: Love working with people and being in a family like working environment
  3. Hope: Hope that you can one day be the positive influence to the people around you and our next generation

If these 3 values resonate with you, please send an email to and tell me more about yourself and why you want to be part of us.

Yong Hong, Co-Founder 

PS: you don’t really have to send your resume (yes! I am serious! just tell me more about yourself and why you want to join us. That interests me more)

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