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“The Leader Who Had No Title” Book Sharing

“The Leader Who Had No Title” Book Sharing Hello there,Thank you for dropping by our website and reading up about us!Greendot’s mission has always been helping our customers like you to eat green and feel good. We care about your well-being. We want you to be happy and lead a beautiful life because you deserve […]

Happy International Yoga Day!

Happy International Yoga Day! Your Health & Inner Peace is Your Greatest Wealth At the end of last year (2019), I started to practise Yoga because of a friend’s recommendation. Prior to that, I was having mobility and strength training with a personal trainer for more 4 years. Exercise is an important aspect of good […]

Together, We Are Stronger

Auntie Dolly’s Kway Chap Auntie: Boss I want to cook Kwap Chap for you. Me: Oh, why you suddenly want to cook for me? Auntie: It is my best recipe I want to give to you so that you can sell and bring in more sales for Greendot. Me: Thank you Auntie but why ah? […]

3 Tips To Help You On Your Meat Free Journey

Plant-based diet has been an up and coming trend recently. After Netflix released the documentary “Game Changer”  last year, many of my friends told me that they were planning on going meat-free after watching it. The documentary has shared many benefits of plant based diet from a scientific point of view and also how a […]

3 Mindsets To Get Us Through This Challenging Period

2020 started with several unfortunate events all over the world just to name a few, the Australia bushfires, Novel Conorana virus outbreak and the recent Thailand mass shooting. As expected, these events are enough to make us worry and lay out a gloomy path ahead of us. When the ‘Disease Outbreak Response System Condition’ (DORSCON) changed from […]

People who care can change the world for the better

Breast Cancer Awareness Month (Pink October) People Who Care Can Change The World For The Better In the past, most of the leadership positions are held by men. Women often play a supporting role at work or even at home. Great leaders are often those who are confident, vocal, and inspiring. However, times have changed […]

无我利他,向善向上 —— 绿一点七周年回馈日活动

绿一点集团于本月15日下午3点至5点,携旗下的四个品牌Greendot, Lotus Vegetarian, Lotus Kitchen, 以及Vairy共计140位员工于东海岸B区域清理垃圾。 今年的8月16日是绿一点的七周年生日。本着“无我利他,向善向上”的企业文化,我们选择通过回馈大自然的方式提升员工的环保意识,以微薄之力减少海洋垃圾,为同处一个地球的海洋生物们提供更温馨的家园。   海滩乍眼望去似乎很清洁,但是弯下腰仔细看时就会发现有数不胜数的细小烟头、瓶盖、泡沫碎块等等。 正是这些看似不起眼的小东西,却是对海洋生物的巨大伤害甚至造成生命威胁。我们无数次从照片或Youtube视频里看到,在沙滩上死亡的海鸟在解剖之后肚子里是满满不可降解的塑料垃圾,脖子上套着硬塑料而被割得鲜血淋漓的海豹,还有鼻孔里插着吸管的海龟等等。 设身处地想一想,一根吸管暂时插入我们的鼻孔都让我们不舒服,想要尽快用手拔掉。而海龟不会说话或呼救,也无法用手自行拔除,只能带着这样的痛苦终生。 我们推广素食的初心就是鼓励大众吃得健康、身心舒适,同时培养慈悲心,关爱其他生命。不要小看我们的每一点努力,当所有善念善行相累积,我们都能为这个世界上的其他生命活得更好而做出贡献。 古语云,聚少成多,积小致巨。我们希望以此作为一个善的缘起,呼吁更多人关注并参与到海洋环保的具体行动中来。

3 Essential Qualities Needed In A F&B Operations Leader

Times have changed and the F&B industry has also gradually evolved. The F&B industry has one of the highest turnover in the market. Staff can easily quit when they are unhappy and find another job the next day. Thus, management of a F&B team has to evolve too. Over the past 7 years in the […]

Nurture The Seed Of Goodness In You

If you ever walk into any Greendot outlet, you probably see a wall covered with this particular wallpaper. Perhaps some of you might be wondering what is the reason for putting up this particular wallpaper filled with Chinese writings and in some extent, associated with buddhism. This words on the wallpaper are actually a verse taken from […]

Thank You For Your Support

  We are humbled to announce that we have been award the overall winner for the Most Promising Brand Category during the Singapore Prestige Brand Awards 2016! 🙂 Along with other established brands, the results were decided by a panel of esteemed and experienced industry leaders. We are heartened by the recognition, and more importantly, […]

Greendot Learning Journey

On 5th Nov, we hosted a group of youths from My First Break (MFB), an entrepreneurship programme launched by South East CDC. MFB equips students from lower-income families with basic business skills and provides them opportunities to conduct their own micro business. The programme also helps youths build up their confidence and cultivate a spirit […]

The “Entrepreneur” Mentality

Came back to office on a public holiday and saw almost the whole team back in office! 😂 One quality that I really look out for in my team is the “entrepreneur” mentality which boils down to 3 points: 1) Be passionate about what you do and continuously learn and grow in your area of expertise. […]

Say “I love you Mum” with a Home-Cooked Meal

I once heard someone say: 世界上有两件事情不能等: 一是行孝,二是行善。 It means that there are 2 things in the world which wait for no man – filial piety and doing good. I’m in my late twenties this year and I must say I’m a very very lucky son. I have a mum who likes to nag at me […]

The Greendot Franchising Journey and The Key Secret in Franchising

1 year ago, we (Greendot) made the decision to embark on our franchising journey to grow our business and more importantly to find like minded and capable people to join our team. There were many objections and question marks, such as the food quality control issues, sharing of our know hows to others, and also […]

A Day of Giving – Visit To Moral Seniors Activity Centre

On 4th February, the Greendot family did something special for the old folks at Moral Seniors Activity Centre. About 60 of us took sometime off to visit the centre and distribute some daily necessities to old folks living in the rental flats nearby. Arrived at the centre at 5pm! Daily necessities include rice, bread, sweet […]

Caring Through Food – Why ‘Home-cooked’ Meals?

I remembered that I was helping out at my mother’s restaurant one day and the lunch period was just over. Feeling really hungry, I asked my mom what were we having for lunch. Smiling back at me, she told me that we were going to have stir-fried broccoli with fresh mushrooms and Tom Yum fried […]

5 Life Skills That Cooking Has Taught Me

Before Greendot was started, I didn’t even know how to wash rice and vegetables. It wasn’t easy for me to venture into something that I had zero domain knowledge. However, I have never regretted picking up cooking and after honing my “culinary skills” for the past 2-3 years, I must admit that my “cooking” years […]

Join us at the GreenDot Teabar

Many of us might be familiar with grabbing a quick cup of coffee for an extra boost to cope with our hectic lifestyles. Sometimes, what we really need is to slow down, unwind from the day’s stresses and catch up with others. And this is what motivated us to start the GreenDot Tea Bar. We […]

Greendot featured on SME Magazine

GREEN GROW THE VEGGIES Sipping latte, digging into a ‘Full Monty’ breakfast and people-watching in a trendy cafe seems to be many young Singaporeans’ idea of an enjoyable meal experience. But 23-year-old Fu Yong Hong hopes to bring a bold alternative to the table: delicious vegetarian food. The entrepreneur, who admits to eating only meat […]

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