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A balanced meal, a healthier you!

If you are our bento supporters, you might have observed new varieties in our bento stations. We are happy to come up with new four bento selections:   Braised mushroom & fresh tau kwa – dish close to our heart, good for your skin! Very familiar Chinese dish close to our heart, this main is […]

Caring starts from taking care of yourself

There is one thing that caused me great sadness and anguish during my journey of growing the business and I can’t control it. That is to see these aunties and uncles who are like my parents, aging gradually and have the mindset that aging means becoming frail and inactive. This is Auntie Ah Wan, she […]

(Event Sign Up) Women’s Day Bone Health Talk 2018

Do you know? While Singaporean women enjoy a longer lifespan than men, they spend 10.7% of their lives in ill health. On the other hand, men only spend 9.4% (lucky guys!). Of which, bone health, cancer and diabetes are the top 3 most prevalent health concerns shared by women. Hold on a minute there! We are not […]

Thank You For Your Support

  We are humbled to announce that we have been award the overall winner for the Most Promising Brand Category during the Singapore Prestige Brand Awards 2016! 🙂 Along with other established brands, the results were decided by a panel of esteemed and experienced industry leaders. We are heartened by the recognition, and more importantly, […]

Say “I love you Mum” with a Home-Cooked Meal

I once heard someone say: 世界上有两件事情不能等: 一是行孝,二是行善。 It means that there are 2 things in the world which wait for no man – filial piety and doing good. I’m in my late twenties this year and I must say I’m a very very lucky son. I have a mum who likes to nag at me […]

Exercise Your Blues Away

How often do you take some time out to exercise? I am pretty sure that life is too hectic for us that we would easily miss out the time to exercise. However, here in Greendot, each and every of our employees would start off their day at work by exercising together. Even though it is just […]

8 Things You Can Do To Boost Your Energy Level And Happiness

I met a friend recently to catch up over a meal and we were sharing ideas on how we can keep our energy level high/recharge ourselves. Due to our work commitments and the roles and responsibilities that we need to handle, we often find ourselves feeling drained and low in energy. Happiness is an inside […]

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