3 Mindsets To Get Us Through This Challenging Period

2020 started with several unfortunate events all over the world just to name a few, the Australia bushfires, Novel Conorana virus outbreak and the recent Thailand mass shooting. As expected, these events are enough to make us worry and lay out a gloomy path ahead of us. When the ‘Disease Outbreak Response System Condition’ (DORSCON) changed from yellow to orange in Singapore, some of us started to panic and fear for the worse. This resulted in the panic buying of daily necessities in our supermarkets.

Nonetheless, it is important that we stay calm and do not cause any unnecessary panic. We cannot control what happen to us but we can control how we react to it. 

Here are 3 mindsets which I think will be useful to get us through this challenging period. 

Mindset 1: Take care of yourself well so that you can take care of others.            

There is no foolproof way of protecting yourself from the virus but what we can best do now is prevention. Besides the usual advice to wash your hands more often and wear a mask if you are not feeling well, we can make some adjustments to our lifestyles. Keep daily routine simple and do not go to crowded places and group gathering unless it is really necessary. In addition, eat more vegetables and fruits to boost your immunity level. Sleep early and have enough sleep (at least 6-7 hours depending on your age group). Exercise more often. Mediate to keep your mind clear and calm. 

Mindset 2: Be thankful because everything happens for a reason and this could be a learning opportunity for us.

Many of lives will definitely be disrupted during this period. The first thing to do is to be thankful. The fact that we are healthy and alive is a blessing as compared to our friends in China. Many of them have to stay at home and are not able to get on with their normal lives. We live in a country where our pace of life is so fast and we get so caught up with work everyday. When such unfortunate things happen, it is an opportunity for us to slow down our life and appreciate things around us. You can either grumble or you can see it as a chance for you to work on other aspects of your life. Life is not just about work. Spend time on your health by taking out more time to exercise. Spend time with your family. Most importantly, spend time on yourself; time to improve yourself. Don’t worry about things that you cannot control, rather focus on the things you can do, that is make yourself a better person when this whole thing is over. 

Mindset 3: Compassion and kindness will get us through this period. 

These will give us strength to overcome all the challenges that we are facing. I feel that life is like a ‘game’. When we do good, we add points to our ‘game’, and the ‘reward’ is that we get to live a better life. We do evil, we minus points away from our ‘game’ and we get our ‘punishment’. The only thing we can do to overcome all these is not to be affected by the negativity that we are seeing and hearing. As we are not medical professionals, we can’t help by being part of the cure but we can help to ease the root cause which is the killings, violence, greed, evil happening all around the world. Keep thinking about how we can help others who need our help. Going meat free to reduce the animal killings and cruelty around the world. Even though it’s one meal, it helps. Be kind to the people around you, be filial to your parents, lend a helping hand to your colleagues, be kind to strangers and help without expecting anything in return. When our world start filling up with compassion and kindness again, this love will give us the strength to overcome all these challenges and come out even stronger.

Yong Hong

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