Caring Through Food – Why ‘Home-cooked’ Meals?

I remembered that I was helping out at my mother’s restaurant one day and the lunch period was just over. Feeling really hungry, I asked my mom what were we having for lunch. Smiling back at me, she told me that we were going to have stir-fried broccoli with fresh mushrooms and Tom Yum fried rice. As she was preparing the ingredients for lunch, I saw her squat down and reach inside the cupboard to take out a bottle of sunflower oil. Being curious, I asked her,”Mom, why are you using sunflower oil instead of usual vegetable oil?” She looked at me and replied,” Because I care for you my son and sunflower oil is much healthier than vegetable oil! And it so much more expensive!”

That little action by my mother inspired me. It inspired me to use healthier quality ingredients for our cooking at Greendot. At Greendot, we believed that food should be prepared with care, just like how a mother will cook for her children, and that is why we commonly describe our food as “home-cooked” meals. Providing well-balanced, nutritious and tasty plant-based bento meals to our customers is what we care about. For example, we substitute vegetable palm oil with sunflower oil and MSG with mushroom seasoning. We believe in making a positive difference to the long term health of our regular customers who frequently dine at Greendot and eat the food that we cook. As quoted from Maya Adam, Lecturer at the Stanford school of Medicine, founder of JUSTCOOKFORKIDS, ‘In the long run, a diet of mostly home cooked foods, prepared by someone who cares about the people eating that food, will almost always be healthier for the whole family.’ We hope that through our home-cooked meals, we can help our customers take the first step in taking care of themselves.

Eat Green, Feel Good!

– Justin, Co-Founder of Greendot

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