Join us at the GreenDot Teabar

Many of us might be familiar with grabbing a quick cup of coffee for an extra boost to cope with our hectic lifestyles. Sometimes, what we really need is to slow down, unwind from the day’s stresses and catch up with others. And this is what motivated us to start the GreenDot Tea Bar.

We wanted to create a space where people can slow down and enjoy the simple pleasures in life; a place that brings people together to relax and appreciate good tea.

So, we set out on a journey straight to the source, visiting many tea plantations in different mountainous areas of Taiwan. There, we met many tea planters to learn about the process of growing teas, fervently in search of the essence of good tea. We saw first-hand the amazing amount of sweat and effort they put into growing good tea leaves. It made us appreciate the traditional tea culture even more.

After trying countless teas again and again, we finally narrowed our list down to a collection of 12 teas. (You can see the menu of teas here).
Alongside the more traditional teas (including our premium Lee Ah Chu Organic Tea series), we have introduced more innovative teas, including the Tea Latte series and the Fruit Tea series. Yes – a cup of great tea can be made even better when enjoyed with fresh fruit juice!

We tested our selection of teas thoroughly with our staff and existing customers. In particular, Kiwi Green Tea and Matcha Tea Latte won the most votes amongst the GreenDot friends and supporters we invited for our tea tasting sessions. My personal favourite has got to be the Peach Oolong tea for its delightful, fruity scent.

The GreenDot Tea Bar has just opened at Paya Lebar Square and we’re really stoked for you to visit us!

Can’t wait to hear – which tea are you going to try?

Yong Hong

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