Together, We Are Stronger

Auntie Dolly’s Kway Chap

Auntie: Boss I want to cook Kwap Chap for you.

Me: Oh, why you suddenly want to cook for me?

Auntie: It is my best recipe I want to give to you so that you can sell and bring in more sales for Greendot.

Me: Thank you Auntie but why ah?

Auntie: I want to thank you all for giving us a job still. I don’t know how to help you but this is the only way I know can contribute.

😮😭 This is the older generation teaching us what is adversity quotient.

Stay positive and be thankful in face of challenges. Be a victor and not a victim. The team makes it all worthwhile and together we are stronger.

— Yong Hong

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