Exercise Your Blues Away

How often do you take some time out to exercise? I am pretty sure that life is too hectic for us that we would easily miss out the time to exercise. However, here in Greendot, each and every of our employees would start off their day at work by exercising together.

Even though it is just a short fifteen minutes work out, we believe that it could help to manage their mental and physical stress. Most importantly, to have fun and foster stronger bonds.

We care for our employees just like how we care for you through cooking up a balanced and quality meal. A healthy lifestyle begins with eating right and exercising daily. If outdoor activities ain’t for you, fret not! You could also do some exercise back at home! If  you are wondering how to get started, we have some tips for you! 

1. Youtube Fitness Videos

Our team would constantly search for doable  fitness videos for all our employees. One of our favourite fitness videos is by REFIT revolution. See more of it here

2. Sunrise In The City Events by HPB

Sunrise in the City is a studio-gym based workout programme initiated by the Health Promotion Board. There are many workouts and mind-body programmes available across the island and the good news is, it is free! Simply register here and get your body moving!

3. Sundays@The Park

Sundays@The Park is also an initiative by HPB in collaboration with SportSG. It is a free one-hour workout session led by SportSG instructors. There are 16 different types of exercise classes such as yoga, kickboxing and Zumba for residents of all ages to choose from and participate in. Locate a park near you and get your family and friends down now to exercise together!

Our tips showed how exercising could be fun and easily available. So what are you waiting for? Start your fitness routine today and keep the doctor away!  


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