A balanced meal, a healthier you!

If you are our bento supporters, you might have observed new varieties in our bento stations. We are happy to come up with new four bento selections:


Braised mushroom & fresh tau kwa – dish close to our heart, good for your skin!

Very familiar Chinese dish close to our heart, this main is actually a very nutritious product. Tau kwa provides protein – important element to build collagen for youthful skin! Shiitake mushroom gives enough copper to keep your immunity strong – especially during this changing weather.


Steamed luffa with enoki mushroom

Also known as Chinese okra, luffa is fruit used for your bathroom sponge! Nutritionally, luffa is a great source of potassium which helps to keep your blood pressure under control with regular consumption.


Stir-fried wakame seaweed with enoki mushroom

Did you know wakame seaweed is also good friend to your bone? Containing about 32% of calcium’s daily needs and 97% of magnesium’s daily needs per serving, it helps to support healthy bone!  Let it join tofu, kailan, broccoli and lady’s finger in the bone-healthy bento series.


Seaweed tofu soup

Seaweed is common dish in Asia, but it is increasingly recognised as nutritious ingredient in Western countries. There have been some ongoing studies about using seaweed for various health benefits such as weight and cholesterol management. While the results are to be concluded, let this hot piping soup add extra vitamin A and seaweed antioxidants to your meal.


Above all, the new dishes are all vegan-friendly.

Hope you enjoy our new creation!

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