(Event Sign Up) Women’s Day Bone Health Talk 2018

Do you know? While Singaporean women enjoy a longer lifespan than men, they spend 10.7% of their lives in ill health. On the other hand, men only spend 9.4% (lucky guys!). Of which, bone health, cancer and diabetes are the top 3 most prevalent health concerns shared by women.

Hold on a minute there! We are not here to intimidate or scare you with these worrying facts and figures. Instead, we are here to help you take care of yourself. After all, this has been our mission from the time we started out.

Our bones have been the guardian angels of our body throughout our lives. They protect our vital organs, support our frame, store calcium for our body, and the list goes on. As part and parcel of life, our bones are constantly changing and will become naturally weaker as we grow older. This makes us more prone to health concerns such as osteoporosis. It may seem that osteoporosis is part of the ageing process. But at Greendot, we believe that it does not have doesn’t have to be, as long as we are mindful of our bone health in our lifestyle choices.

Which brings us to our inaugural community talk curated specially for you – some tips for you and your bones!

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Join us for a fun, interactive morning on 17 March, 2018 to learn about how a plant-based diet and simple bone strengthening exercises can help to maintain strong, healthy bones in your daily routine. Here’s a little background of our speakers for the session:

Yuliana Zhang – Greendot In-House Nutritionist 

Yuliana is active-learning accredited nutritionist from SNDA (Singapore Nutrition and Dietetic Association), AfN UK (Association for Nutrition), and Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics US. Her research on the Mediterranean diet has been displayed in healthy ageing conferences in Singapore and Spain. She believes in the principle of  ‘Affordable, Balanced, and Sustainable’ Nutrition together with mindful eating in her practice. She now focuses her nutrition direction towards the vegetarianism needs of this fast-increasing segment of population.

Jolin Ma – Holistic Health & Wellness Coach

Jolin completed her Holistic Nutrition and Advanced Holistic Nutrition at the School of Natural Health Sciences, and has volunteered at yoga retreat centres and holistic communes in New Zealand. She is a firm advocate of adopting a holistic way of maintaining health, and her passion is to spread love, smiles and good energy. Not only does she share about the effectiveness of eating right for a better body, she also believes in the importance of physical, mental and emotional well being. 

Come empower yourself and celebrate the joy of being a woman. Sign up now!

*Registration fee of $10 applies with lunch provided

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