Customized Bento

greendot kai lan vegetarian dishgreendot balanced meal
Create your own balanced meal from our fresh and flavorful ingredients in 3 easy steps for a well balanced meal! Select one type of rice: Fragrance White Rice, Sesame Rice, Beauty Brown Rice; Add One Main: Braised Mushroom & Taukwa, Sambal Konnyaku, Sweet & Sour Soya Nuggets, Taiwanese QQ Tofu, Gong Bao Mixed Mushroom* (+$1), Lion Mane Mushroom Rendang* (+$1), Mixed Mushroom w Lotus Root and Basil* (+$1); Add Two Greens: Choose two types of vegetables; All Bento comes with a bowl of soup.
  • greendot signature bento

    1 Main + 2 Greens Bento

    • Regular $7.9
    • *Student/Senior Citizen $5.9
  • greendot bento

    2 Mains + 1 Green Bento

    • Regular $9.9


Rain or Shine, Soup or Dry. We got your preferences covered!
  • Soup Noodle

  • Laksa Noodles (Vegan)

    • Regular $7.5
    • *Student/Senior Citizen $5.9

    Tuck into a comforting bowl of hearty, robust laksa made from scratch with blue ginger, yellow ginger, chillies and laksa leaves.

    Noodles, Straw Mushroom, Konnyaku prawn, Konnyaku ball, Tau pok and Beansprout.

  • Angelica Herbal Noodle w Cordyceps (Contain Milk)

    • Regular $7.9
    • *Student/Senior Citizen $5.9

    Konnyaku Fishball, Soya Mutton, Tau Pok, Lettuce and Carrot served in a herbal broth with more than 10 Chinese herbs such as Angelica, Licorice and Wolfberry.

  • Japanese Miso Ramen (Contain Milk)

    • $9.9

    Wakame Seaweed, Corn, Xiao Bai Cai, Fried Lotus Root, Shimeji Mushroom, Soya Nugget, Radish Carrot

    Not available at NEX and Westgate outlets.

  • Dry Noodle

  • Mixed Mushroom Dry Handmade Noodles (Contain Milk)

    • Regular $7.9
    • *Student/Senior Citizen $5.9

    King Oyster Mushroom, Shiitake Mushroom, Shimeji Mushroom, Minced Soya Paste, Carrot stripes

  • Taiwanese Spicy Dry Handmade Noodles(Contain Milk)

    • Regular $7.5
    • *Student/Senior Citizen $5.9

    Taiwanese Spicy Paste, Staw Mushroom, QQ tofu, Cucumber stripes, Carrot stripes and Parsley

  • Mee Pok w Fried Mixed Veg Gyoza (Contain Milk)

    • $8.9

    Konnyaku Fishball, Minced Soya, Shiitake Mushroom, Fried Cabbage, Bean Sprout

Mushroom Soup Bowls

  • Set for 1

    • Ala Carte $9.9
    • With Rice $10.9-$11.9
    • With Dry Noodle $12.9

    Shittake Mushroom, Enoki Mushroom, Shimeiji Mushroom, Tomato, Fried Beancurd Skin, Konnyaku Prawn, Baby Nai Bai, Chinese Cabbage, Green Coral
    Choice of soup base: Laksa (Vegan) , Miso (Vegan) Herbal (Contain Milk)

  • Set for 2

    • $35.9

    Shittake Mushroom, Enoki Mushroom, Shimeiji Mushroom, Tomato, Fried Beancurd Skin, Konnyaku Prawn, Baby Nai Bai, Chinese Cabbage, Green Coral

    Choice of soup base: Laksa (Vegan) , Miso (Vegan), Herbal (Contain Milk)

    Choice of Rice : Fragrance white rice, Sesame rice, Beauty brown rice.
    Set includes 1 x green platter, 2 x rice, 1 x bento platter (Rendang Lion Mane Mushroom, Sweet & Sour Soya Nugget, Broccoli)

Burger & Sides

All burger comes with Thick Cut Fries or Mini Coleslaw Salad (Choose One)!
  • Mushroom Patty Burger w Si Chuan BBQ Sauce

    • $6.9

    Sesame seed buns, Mushroom Soy Patty, Spicy Si Chuan BBQ Sauce, Cucumber Slice, Tomato Slice, Lettuce.

    Not available at One Raffles Place & Westgate outlets.

  • Smoky BBQ Soy Burger

    • $7.9

    Sesame seed buns, Smoked Soy Patty, Cucumber slices, Tomato slices and Lettuce. 

    Choice of sauce: Black Pepper (Vegan); Mayo Yogurt (Contains Milk)

  • Soy Fillet Burger w Tangy Tartar Sauce

    • $8.5

    Sesame seed buns, Soy Fillet Patty, Tartar Sauce, Cucumber Slice, Tomato Slice, Lettuce.

    Not available at One Raffles Place & Westgate outlets.

  • greendot black pepper soya burger with fries

    Black Pepper Soya Burger with Fries (Vegan)

    • $8.9

    Sesame seed buns, Black Pepper Sauce, Soya Patty, Tomato slices and Lettuce. 

  • greendot mushroom burger with fries

    Fresh Mix Mushroom Burger with Fries (Vegan)

    • $9.9

    Sesame Seed Buns, Gong Bao Mushroom, Tomato Slices and Lettuce. 

  • Andalusian Tomato Sauce Soy Burger (Vegan)

    • $10.9

    Sesame seed buns, Andalusian Sauce, Soya Patty, Cucumber slices, Tomato slices and Lettuce. 

  • Lentil Mushroom Burger w Tahini Sauce (Vegan)

    • $11.9

    Sesame seed buns, Lentil Patty, Purple Cabbage, Cucumber Slice, Tomato Slice, Red Chicory, Romaine Lettuce.

    Not available at Star Vista & Westgate outlets.

  • Thai Spicy Konnyaku Burger (Vegan)

    • $13.9

    Sesame seed buns, Thai Chilli Sauce, Seafood Konnyaku Patty, Cucumber slices, Tomato slices and Lettuce.

  • Chickpea Falafel Balls w Mayo Mustard Sauce (Vegan)

    • $8.9

    8pcs. Falafel Balls, Mayo Mustard, Couscous.

    Not available at Star Vista & Westgate outlets.

  • greendot Crispy Soya Nugget

    Crispy Soya Nugget (Contain Milk)

    • $5.9
  • greendot vegan Black Pepper Frank

    Black Pepper Franks (Vegan)

    • $5.9


  • Stir Fry Mushroom & Veg Pot

    • $21.9

    Lion Mane Mushroom (contain egg and milk), Konnyaku Prawn, Shiitake Mushroom, Shimeji Mushroom, Enoki Mushroom, King Oyster Mushroom, Seaweed Knot, Peanut, Black Fungus, Lotus Root, Potato, White Cabbage, Nai Bai

    Choice of sauce: Mala Sauce, Special Shiitake Mushroom Sauce, Braised White Sauce

    Vegan option available


Get your glow from within! Comes with Mayo Yogurt Dressing (contains Milk).
  • Grilled Mixed Mushroom & Pumpkin Salad

    • $12.9

    Roasted Pumpkin, Roasted Carrot, Roasted Purple Sweet Potato, Roasted Vietnam Sweet Potato, Grilled Mixed Mushroom, Strawberry, Kiwi, Dragonfruit, Almond, Sunflower seeds, Red Chicory, Lettuce, Green Coral

    Available at Bedok Mall outlet.

Other Delights

  • greendot Turmeric rice with rendang lion mane mushroom

    Signature Lion Mane Mushroom Rendang with Turmeric Rice

    • $8.9

    Contains Egg and Milk.

  • Porridge Set

    • $7.9

    – Monday to Friday lunch hour only.

    – Not available at Star Vista, Westgate outlets.

*Terms & Conditions of Students/Senior Citizen Promotion
– Regular Bento sets and noodles are priced at $5.90 (except Mee Pok & Miso Ramen).
– Top up $1.00 to upgrade Main to Premium Main. Top up $1.00 to upgrade thick bee hoon or handmade noodles to ramen (where applicable).
– Promotion is valid from Monday to Friday 2 – 5pm, excluding public holidays and Lunar New Year Eve.
– Promotion is not applicable for deliveries and only applicable for over-the-counter transactions with valid identification (all countries).
– Promotion is not-transferable and is strictly restricted to the person to whom the card is issued to. Student must present a valid student card. Senior citizen must be 60 years old and above and present a valid ID card.
– Greendot reserves the rights to withdraw/modify the promotion terms & conditions without notice.

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