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How do I join the Greendot CARE Club?

Simply click the link above and you will be directed to a sign up page to fill in your particulars.

Is there a membership fee?

Membership is free of charge.

How do I earn CARE points?

You will earn CARE points by informing our cashier your registered handphone number during your transaction.

How do I redeem my CARE points?

Kindly inform our cashier that you wish to redeem your points as well as your registered handphone number during your transaction. An OTP will be sent by SMS to your phone for verification purposes. Every 25 points is equivalent to $1 off.

Will my CARE points expire?

Your points will expire within 1 year from the date of earning.

Will the Green/Gold Tier expire?

Green Tier is permanent which will not expire.

For Gold Tier member, if your purchase value is less than S$500 for one year, it will get automatically degraded to Green Tier.

How do I keep track of my CARE points?

You will receive a printed receipt to update you on your points balance after every transaction.

How do I receive the birthday voucher?

You will receive the birthday voucher code 30 days prior to your birthday through SMS only. Please ensure you subscribe to our SMS notification when signing up membership.

Is GST counted for point accumulation?

The GST is not counted for point accumulation. E.g. For a $7.5 laksa ($0.49 GST inclusive), Green tier member will get 7.01 points and Gold tier member will get 10.52 points.

Terms & Conditions

Membership is not transferable.
Earning/Redemption of CARE points is available at all Greendot outlets except Mapletree until further notice.
Earning/Redemption of CARE points is not applicable for deliveries and only applicable for over-the-counter transactions.
Greendot reserves the rights to withdraw/modify the terms & conditions without notice.

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