The “Entrepreneur” Mentality

Came back to office on a public holiday and saw almost the whole team back in office! 😂

One quality that I really look out for in my team is the “entrepreneur” mentality which boils down to 3 points:

1) Be passionate about what you do and continuously learn and grow in your area of expertise.

If you not driven by passion/interest, you will take the extra effort to learn and go the extra mile for your team and company. Only when you are passionate about what you do, you will put in the hours to practice and become better. Sometimes people ask why I can motivate my staff so well, but actually they don’t see the times when I hide in my office on weekends (instead of going out) to watch videos and practice by recording myself. Practice practice practice, there is not short cut to becoming really good at what you do.

2) Take ownership of what you do and have to discipline to do things that you don’t like to do but still have to do it.

It’s not about the big things you do but rather the way you do the little things. I always believe that a project is made up of perhaps 20% “glamorous” work and 80% boring and mundane work. The reason why I am able to achieve some results is not because I’m smart enough to do the “glamorous” work but rather I’m disciplined enough to do the dirty work.

3) Have the courage to do things that scare you.

We are not paid to work, we are paid to be uncomfortable. Many times, if we don’t have the right mentality, we will just play it safe and remain in our comfort zone. We don’t see the need to improve and get better. But if you have the “entrepreneur” mentality, you will challenge yourself and face your fears, have the courage to pursue projects that are challenging, that might cause you to fail badly and be laughed at, that might make you waste a lot of effort but have no results.

Lastly, an additional point is that as an entrepreneur you need to understand the importance of a team. It is important to find an aligned and driven team so that the company can grow. The bigger the dream, the more important the team.

I am thankful 🙏🏻

Yong Hong

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