Customised Vegan Cakes

Customised Vegan Cakes

Customised Vegan Cakes

Customised Vegan Cakes

Customised Vegan Cakes
Customised Vegan Cakes

Customised Vegan Cakes

Celebrate Life's Special Moments with Us!

At Greendot Patisserie, every customer is special to us and we understand how much your celebration means to you! Be it a wedding,

anniversary, birthday, graduation, or any other special event. Let's make it extra special with a custom-made vegan cake, baked with love and

tailored to your unique taste buds. We'll add personal touches to make it truly unforgettable for you and your loved ones!

Let's work together to create a delicious centerpiece that ties everything together!

Our Custom-Designed Cakes






At Greendot Patisserie, we pour our hearts into crafting each custom cake to match your vision. However, it's important to note that due to the

handmade nature of our cakes, we may not be able to replicate every detail exactly. Our skilled cake decorators meticulously handcraft each creation,

which can sometimes lead to slight variations in color, fonts, and layouts. We appreciate your understanding and assure you that we always strive

to deliver a beautiful and delicious cake that exceeds your expectations.



Feel free to reach out to us with your inquiries either through our customization form or via WhatsApp. We'll send you a confirmation on

the cake details, payment and collection information. If you have any questions or concerns, don't hesitate to get in touch

with our team for clarification. Please keep in mind that completing the inquiry form doesn't automatically mean your order is accepted.

Additionally, any amendments made less than a week before the collection date may require approval, as certain decorative elements may need

to be prepared in advance. If you need to make changes to your designs or details, feel free to contact us on WhatsApp as soon as possible.



We are unable to accommodate cancellations 24 hours after confirmation of the order.

We appreciate your understanding and look forward to providing you with a delightful cake experience!



Your feedback means the world to us! We're committed to continuously improving our services, and we genuinely appreciate any

constructive feedback you have to offer. You can reach us via WhatsApp at 9634 2546 or email us at

We're here to listen and ensure that your future experiences with us are nothing short of exceptional.