Say “I love you Mum” with a Home-Cooked Meal

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I once heard someone say:

世界上有两件事情不能等: 一是行孝,二是行善。

It means that there are 2 things in the world which wait for no man – filial piety and doing good.

I’m in my late twenties this year and I must say I’m a very very lucky son. I have a mum who likes to nag at me (she has the ability to speak in long sentences without needing to catch her breath). I have a mum who till now doesn’t want to install an air con in my room despite my continuous plea since my childhood days. I have a mum who says the most direct things that go straight into my heart.

You might be wondering why do I consider these as blessings? She nags at me because she cares for me just like all mums do. She doesn’t want to install any air con because she wants us to learn how to live simply and appreciate the small things in life (also probably to save us from the trouble of cleaning the air con). In fact, I’m still sharing a room with my brother and I’m thankful for her for inculcating these values in us. She says the most direct things because she loves me and she wants me to grow up and be stronger. And most importantly, I’m lucky because she is still around.

Recently, I have a colleague whose mum passed on suddenly. When I visited her mum’s funeral, I saw her mum’s favourite food placed on the altar. Then she told me,

“My mum loved this dish when she was alive. You should cook for your mum when she is still around, because a home-cooked meal is an expression of a child’s love.”

Those words left a deep impact on me. It dawned on me that if we come home everyday and our parents are healthy and happy, we are very fortunate and we should cherish them when they are still around. My mother’s love has never unwavered all these years. She gave me all the love that I need despite the fact that I am the not the most filial and 懂事 (sensible) child in the family. When I started Greendot and I dabao-ed home the food I cooked for her, she would reply jokingly:”可以吃吗 (is it edible)?” Yes you are right, that’s the typical mum response because they always regard themselves as the best cooks in the family. But I’m sure that she was very touched when she ate them. After all, 吃进肚子,甜在心里。

Love is expressed by actions, not defined by words.

I’m writing this because I want to extend the opportunity to 4 filial sons/daughters who would like to show appreciation to their mothers by cooking a simple meal. We will provide you the guidance, equipment and ingredients to do so. I started my f&b career without any knowledge so I know how daunting it is to learn how to cook, and to cook something edible and decent for your mum. But not to worry, they actually don’t really care whether it’s nice. They will just eat it because it’s cooked by you. 😀

If you are inspired by this post and would like to do something special for your mum this Mother’s Day, do fill up the form below. 4 lucky winners will be selected!

*Contest ends 28 April 2017

Cheers, Yong Hong

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